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Highway 22, Krayot Freeway - 4 Urban Municipalities: K.Bialik, K.Ata, K.Haim, Ako.

Client: Israel National Roads Company
Status: Design 2007-2009
Estimated cost: 250 million NIS
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Description: Design of a 5 km suburban freeway, connecting Haifa to Acre, becoming a longitudinal express transportation route, bypassing the dense urban regions of the Krayot. The project includes a full diamond interchange, 3 crossing bridges, signage bridges, drainage infrastructures, retaining walls and pedestrian routes.

3D Simulation: The largest simulation project done in the firm - 3D models of a 14 km suburban freeway, including 3 interchanges, 8 crossing bridges and 2 pedestrian bridges. The process included collecting and assembling data design of three main planners, processing and integrating all into a 3Dmodel. The model included design details of architecture, landscape architecture, signage, lighting, routing, drainage and various environments (urban, industrial zones and agriculture). For the first time, the department produced dynamic model using RDV software and angular plane photo-shoots merged into it.


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