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Additional Projects:
HW 4, Afek - Na'aman
HW 411, 410, Gevirol Int.
HW 60, Shim'a - Meitar
HW 2, Zikhron - Ya'akov Int.
HW 77, HaMovil - Ramat Yishai
HW 71, Navot - Beit HaShita
HW 4, Haifa - Tirat Carmel - Fureidis
HW 65, Dovrat - Golani
HW 75, HaAmakim - Qiryat Tiv'on
HW 77, Golani Int. - Tiberias


The firm has designed hundreds of Highways including interchanges, intersections, bridges and tunnels as well as overall urban design, The department has a great deal of experience in the design and management of large scale projects.

The design is done according to the Israeli and the international ASSHTO guidelines, using Bentley Microstation & GEOPAK software, an integrated civil design and engineering software suited to civil engineering and transportation projects of all types.

During the 2012 year 2 main
Fwys and Hwys were inaugurated
- Hwy 79 - Someh - Hamovil
Fwy 22 - Okef Krayot and Two
main Interchange - Golani
and Hwy 65 - Kadrim - Amiad
were initiated.

Selected projects:

Hwy 60, Afula - Nazareth
Client: Netivey Israel Company Ltd.
Estimated cost: 400 million NIS (100 M $)
Status: Design Construction and Inauguration In 2009
Description: Design of a 6 km highway, connecting Afula to Nazareth through a steep topography, including a section with grade separation, 2 parallel tunnels 380 m long, 2 parallel bridges 400 m long over an open quarry, and an interchange.

Krayot Fwy - Interurban - Fwy
Client: Netivey Israel Company Ltd.
Estimated cost: 500 million NIS (100 M $)
Status: Design and Inauguration 2012
Description: Design of a 5 km suburban freeway, connecting Haifa to Acre, becoming a longitudinal express transportation route, bypassing the dense urban regions of the Krayot. The project includes a full diamond interchange, 3 crossing bridges, drainage infrastructures, retaining walls and pedestrian routes.

Highway 79, Ein Afek - Somech - HaMovil Int. - Nazareth
Client: Netivey Israel Company Ltd.
Estimated cost: 750 million NIS (200 M $)
Status: Design, Construction and Inauguration 2012
Description: Design of a 30 km highway, one of the important west-east routes in northern Israel; it connects Haifa Metropolitan area and Nazareth. The project includes widening an existing highway from 2 to 6 lanes, geometry improvements, 11 interchanges (Ein Afek, Gilam, Gevaot Alonim, Shfaram, Adi Hardoof, Shfaram East, Bir El Maksur, HaMovil, HaSolelim, Zipori, Natareth) and the design of an extra median route for future LRT.

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