Transportation & Traffic
Landscape Architecture
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Additional Projects:
Mater Plans for Transportation: Kiryat Ata, Nazareth 2000, Kiryat Bialik, Tirat Carmel, Tiberius
Traffic Lights: Urban and Interurban junctions
Settlements: Timrat, Kfar Vradim, Givat Ella, Tal El
Neighborhoods: West Kiryat Ata, Meoonot Geula, Yoqneam
Industrial and Commercial Areas: SIPCOT, Kharadi Shopping Mall - India, Ha'Mifratz Shopping Mall, Herzliya Marina, Ashkelon Marina
Junctions and Roundabouts: Kiryat Ata - Zevulun Boulevard, Dushi Junction, Nazareth, Hogla Junction, Highway 581
Railroad: Highway Design Guidelines
Haifa Tourist Signage
Interurban Signage
Gas Stations

Transportation and Traffic Engineering

The Transportation and Traffic Department provides consultation, design and research services, including analyzing urban and local transport systems, overall traffic design for motor vehicles, public transportation, pedestrians and bicycles, compiling diverse guidelines, urban and interurban traffic-lights design, traffic and parking arrangements design, traffic and transportation consultation for the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, construction phases design and traffic appendix for Master Plans and Urban Zoning Plans.

Currently, the Department is
incharge of all the design of
traffic operation and signalization
The Hwy department.

Selected projects:

'West Kiryat Ata' Neighborhood
Client: Shikun U-Binui, Housing & Construction Holding Co. Ltd.
Status: Design 2004-2009, Approved by the Region coumcil in 2012.
Description: Master Plan Design and Project Management of a new neighborhood in west Kiryat Ata, near Haifa, Israel. The project includes traffic and transportation statutory and conceptual design of a 7000 housing units, on 320 acres agricultural land, pedestrian and bicycle routes. Due to the central location of the neighborhood, the project included design coordination with multiple authorities, such as Israel National Roads Company Ltd., Israel Railways Ltd., Yefe Nof Company, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and a vast staff of consultants.

Roundabouts Design Guidelines
Client: Ministry of Transport and Road Safety.
Estimated cost: -
Status: Design 2004-2005
Description: Roundabouts have become a common solution in urban and interurban junctions with medium traffic capacity. During the last several years, more than 800 roundabouts were designed and constructed in Israel, and consequently required a unified and clear design guidelines. The project included a vast literature study, describing the American, Australian, British and other guidelines, different possible solutions for design, existing roundabouts in Israel etc. the end product included guidelines for all roundabout design components: geometry, site distances, crosswalks, signage, lighting and landscape design.

Varthur Park Zone, Bangalore, India
Client: Elbit Imaging ltd.
Estimated cost: 100 million NIS
Status: Design 2008-2009
Description: Varthur Park Zone ranges over 500 acres, including residential neighborhoods, rural zones, multi-story buildings, occupation and commercial areas and hospitals. The design included Master plan and Preliminary design of road system, 25 km long, including interchanges, intersections, junctions, roundabouts, retaining walls and bridges. The firm's engineers participated in an international multi disciplinary design team.

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