Transportation & Traffic
Landscape Architecture
Simulations (3D)

Additional Projects:
Railway Tracks - over 100 km
Highways - over 200 km
Urban Roads - Kiryat Ata
Neighborhoods: Neot Yam, Acre, Neot Kramim, Rehovot
Israeli Security Fence - Road Structures
Parking Lots and Structures
Ma'az Junctions
Ministry of Agriculture - infrastructures


The survey department is made of a licensed surveyors, two field teams and practical engineers, who perform terrain surveys, and construct horizontal and vertical control grids for GPS points using the latest geodetic technology in the geodetic field such as: RTK-GPS (Topcon), Total-stations GTS-802a (Topcon) and Digital levels DL-103 (Topcon).

During the 3rd quarter of 2008,
the Survey Department has
undertaken the ground survey
of all railway stations throughout
Israel’s railway network.

Selected projects:

Train Stations - Platforms Extension Survey
Client: Israel Railways Ltd.
Estimated cost: -
Status: Survey 2008
Description: Israel Railways Company has decided to check the feasibility for a 300 m Platforms at all existing train stations. The project included inspection and survey of 42 existing stations including platforms, buildings and existing infrastructures, and a preliminary design proposal for extension for platforms which are less than 300 m. The survey team cooperated with the Safety Department of Israel Railways Company, making sure the tracks are free of train movements during the work.

Neot Yam Neighborhood, Acre
Client: IDF
Estimated cost: -
Status: Survey from 2008
Description: Survey of Neot Yam Neighborhood in Acre, including ground survey, DXF and DTM files, Analytic distribution, Surveyor Map for construction permission, plan for registration and GIS Mapping. All maps are done in coordination with S.O.I - Survey of Israel.

Evinayong Highway - Republic of Guinea, Akonibe
Client: Shahaf Development & Investment Europe Ltd.
Estimated cost: 100 million NIS
Status: 2009
Description: A 53 km Survey of Akonibe - Evinayong Highway in steep mountainous topography, site clearing with local assistance teams and usage of GPS devices.

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