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Additional Projects:
Ha'Emek Railway, Kefar Barukh - Bet She'an Railroad Tracks
Rishon Le'Ziyyon - Ashdod Railroad Tracks
Lod - Na'an Railroad Tracks
Gvirol Int. - Section 410-411, HW 42
HW 60, Afula - Nazareth
Kiryat Ata - Zevulun Boulevard
Kiryat Ata, Light Train "Metronit"
Miercurea Civic Plaza, Romania
Kharadi Mall, Pune, India
Haifa Tourist Signage

Landscape & Structures Architecture

The staff at the Landscape Architecture department is experienced and professional, specializes in landscape, architecture and environmental development, through integration of an inclusive design. The staff deals with the architectural and environmental aspects with foresight and know-how.

The Landscape Architecture and
Environmental Design Department
has undertaken in addition to
several projects in India, Romania
and elsewhere in the world.

Selected projects:

West Kiryat Ata Neighborhood - Master Plan
Client: Shikun U-Binui, Housing & Construction Holding Co. Ltd.
Estimated cost: -
Status: Design 2004-2009
Description: Master Plan Design of a new neighborhood in west Kiryat Ata, near Haifa, Israel. The project includes landscape conceptual design of a 7000 housing units, on 320 acres agricultural land, pedestrian and bicycle routes and a 30 acres municipal park.

Highway 79, Ein Afek - Somech - HaMovil Int. - Nazareth
Client: Netivey Israel Company Ltd.
Estimated cost: 30 million NIS
Status: Design 2007-2009, Construction from 2009
Description: Design of a 30 km highway, one of the important west-east routes in northern Israel; it connects Haifa Metropolitan area and Nazareth. The project includes landscape and architectural design - from concept to construction documents, irrigation design, retaining walls and acoustic walls typical details.

Ashqelon - Netivot Railway Tracks
Client: Israel Railways Ltd.
Estimated cost:40 million NIS
Status: Design 2005-2009, Construction from 2008
Description: Design of a new 30 km Railway tracks from Ashqelon to Netivot, including 16 railway/road bridges, retaining walls, acoustic walls and winter pools. The project includes landscape, architectural and irrigation design - from concept to construction documents.

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